College is hard enough by itself, but what if your soul is also the battleground and potential prize for an epic battle between good and evil? Well, then you'd be Simon, the hapless protagonist of Crooked Halo. Simon's smite-happy guardian angel, Earl, is all that stands between the boy and the forces of darkness, headed up by Tim Tation (the anthropomorphic personification of temptation) and Tammy the Succubus. Also on Simon's side are his brother, Clyde, and his best friend, Andrea. No one's quite sure where his roommate, Jerome, or Jerome's best friend, Wolfgang, fit into the grand scheme of things, but you can be sure they'll cause havoc one way or another.

Earl the Archangel
Tim Tation
Tammy the Succubus


Calvin (Cal) Casillas and Travis (Trav) Phillips met at college. They spent their first years living on campus as roommates and, in spite of their differences, became close friends. Eventually, it became apparent that living off-campus was the way to go, so they found an apartment in the Weber-Locke Apartments not far from school. Cal's girlfriend, Elise, spends most of her free time with them, as do Barry and Timotheus, who live in another apartment in the building. In spite of their seemingly mundane lifestyle (being poor college students), they have a knack for disturbing the very forces of nature and getting themselves tangled up in events bigger than themselves. Usually without realizing the possible repercussions...

Cal Casillas
Trav Phillips
Elise Kirby
Timotheus "Mothe" Graham
Barry Kirby
Death (Agent TK421)

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The world is over. Humanity's day has gone. Now all that is left for the remaining humans is to side with the demons who decimated their populations or to live constantly on the run, struggling to survive in the wasteland that is Earth. For Teran, Sidney and Evan, reality was Hell on Earth until the Archangel Earl comisssioned them with a task from God. Granted special abilities to aid them, the trio must set out to close the gate to Hell.

Or die trying.

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